About us

About us

The company was founded in 2007 by directors David Popp & Justine Searle.  They combined their skill set of many years of experience.  David Popp, a safety net rigger of many years & Justine Searle an operations manager for another safety netting company.

Our Story

Over the years they have expanded the business to, not only provide the diverse types of safety net installations as a fall arrest systems to provide people working at height with a range of safety products.  This diverse approach is in response the ever challenging & complicated steel framed buildings that are now the norm in all sectors of the construction industry. David Popp, the director of St.Ives safety nets is the chairman of the RON committee within FASET, setting and improving the safety standard and installation methods for RON nets.

Our Operatives

All our operatives are directly employed by St Ives Safety Nets Ltd and appropriate training given.  Operatives are site audited by managers to make sure they are carrying out all works safely.  In addition to these ongoing in house audits an independent health & safety advisor is employed to carry out audits.

Our Team

David Popp


Justine Searle


Kevin Griffiths


Owen Matthews

Skilled Worker

Tomas Loomes


Sean Atkinson


Luke Cartwright

Warehouse man