It is our mission to keep you and your team safe, so you can focus on the job at hand. Below you can find out more about our services, please get in contact to find out more.

The Whole Safety Package

The complete the package that will offer a solution for all your working at height needs. Safety nets, edge protection, access towers & rope access etc.  Contact us today for a consolation on your projects.

image of a warehouse with safety netting over the top of a steel frame
Safety Nets

Wherever there is a risk of injury from a fall, a safety net provides a versatile, collective protection measure for your project.  As a FASET and SSIP accredited company our installation is to industry standard and safety nets come with a full certification history.

Rope access. Construction worker coming down from some scaffolding on a rope, wearing high visibilty red clothing and a blue sky in the background. The viewpoint is from below looking up.
Rope Access

Overcome difficult access problems.  Safety nets, maintenance, repairs & much more….when there isn’t an off the shelf provision, our experienced team can provide consultation to design a work at height solution that meets guidelines and legislation.

Edge Protection

Our net barrier system offers a flexible edge protection solution in line with the latest European standards. It can accommodate steep pitched roofs, large overhangs and external gutters. Together with internal safety nets the net barrier offers a safe cocoon system.

Workmen installing roof over netting
RON Net Install

Roof Over Netting (RON) is a system that is always a last resort installation when there is no possibility of internal safety nets being installed.  The safety nets are installed on top of the existing roof.

TAP Net Install

A safety net TAP (tension access platform) installation. This type of safety net has a 45mm mesh size and combined with tensioned straps give a tensioned system.

Bird Netting

Birds can cause a real problem on buildings & can create a health hazard.  As a humane preventative approach, environmentally friendly, non-toxic netting will cause the birds no harm-it will simply stop them from landing on the buildings.

Access Tower

Access towers are installed to the net barrier edge protection system to give safe access to the operatives working at height.