Safety Nets

Safety Nets

Wherever there is a risk of injury from a fall, a safety net provides a versatile, collective protection measure for your project.  As a FASET and SSIP accredited company our installation is to industry standard and safety nets come with a full certification history.

Roof Over Netting

RON Nets

Where internal safety nets are not possible to install, it may be necessary to over-net the roof with sacrificial safety nets.

Tension Access Platform Netting

TAP Nets

Safety net standard is a site specific 45mm mesh safety net, installed with a tensioned system to allow access or reduce deflection.

Keeping you and your team safe, so you can focus on the job at hand.

Our Nets

safety netting gathered in hands ready to be installed

Tested Annually

Safety nets are compliant to BSEN 1263-1 standard and installed by FASET skilled rigger to BSEN 1263-2 standard.  All our safety nets are tested annually by an independent test house.  Safety net certificate of conformities and the latest safety net annual test certificates are provided once a project has been handed over to the customer.

7 day Inspections Available

In addition to the component daily visual inspections carried out by site staff we can provide, for an additional cost a qualified safety net rigger to carry out 7 day inspections on our safety net installations. An inspection document will be completed and given to the site office highlighting any issues.

Case Study

Agricultural building in Helston

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