Edge Protection

Edge Protection

Our net barrier system offers a flexible edge protection solution in line with the latest European standards. It can accommodate steep pitched roofs, large overhangs and external gutters. Together with internal safety nets the net barrier offers a safe cocoon system.

Flexible Edge Protection

Combisafe International’s Net Barrier System can readily follow the curves of standing seam roofs and can easily accommodate steel valley gutters, long verge overhangs, onboard and trim line gutters and the large bays found in modern warehouse construction.  Spanning a max of 10m. The net barrier system comes with a range of designs to fit the majority of buildings.

Used with a range of materials

It can be used with a range of materials and construction techniques, including I beam and square hollow sections, concrete columns, and timber.  When combined with internal safety netting provided a secure envelop within which workers can operate with complete confidence.