RON Net Install

RON Net Install

Roof Over Netting (RON) is a system that is always a last resort installation when there is no possibility of internal safety nets being installed.  The safety nets are installed on top of the existing roof.

How it works

The operatives will set up a temporary working safety lines to work from at all times which are anchored to the fully boarded scaffolding & then the operatives harness will then be attached to the rope via a rolling asap. The net is placed on the roof, rolled out & secured to the scaffold at the eaves or tying to P-Clips.

Safely secured nets

Our operatives work on top of a secured safety nets at all times, in addition to the safety lines & we also mark sky lights will have a small area sprayed painted to indicate & highlight where they are for the safety of our operatives & roof workers. David Popp, the director of St.Ives safety nets is the chairman of the RON committee within FASET, setting the safety standard and installation methods for RON nets. 

In line with FASET guidelines we can advise and deliver on an appropriate system for your roof, while at all times taking care of our operatives working on fragile roofs installing a safety system for others.

Case Study

Roof Over Netting Installation - Fine Tubes, Plymouth

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